Well…it probably had to happen…..


Damn…blogging! And I said it would never happen, but I guess as I get older, ‘never’ is a moving target. But with this site, besides letting you all read the ramblings of my underdeveloped brain, I can move the Song of the Day List from a solely e-mail based waste of time to a truly GLOBAL waste of time!

And speaking of the SOTD…here’s a test to see how things might look in the not so distant future…

November Was White, December Was Grey

DOWNLOAD: November Was White, December Was Grey
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Brooklynite Eric Elbogen formed Say Hi To Your Mom, recently shortened to just Say Hi, back in 2002, and over the next few years proceeded to put out a pretty impressive body of work…that just about nobody heard! A little like Interpol, a little like Gary Numan, but always compelling. Now he’s relocated to Seattle and signed with indie power-lable Barsuk, and he’s getting ready to release his sixth full length album, Ooh’s & Aahs, in a few weeks. Eric is Say Hi, recording everything himself and performing live with friends, kinda like an Emo Nine Inch Nails. Head on over to MySpace to hear more.

Once I get a few minutes, I’m sure I’ll dress the place up with a coat of paint and some new drapes, but the more important thing right now is to finish my website redesign, but make sure to tell your friends and neighbors…I wanna get my hit-count up to the point where I get bought out by Google!



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