Song of the Day

Neon Jesus

DOWNLOAD: Neon Jesus

Aside from the fact that they’re from San Diego, I know almost nothing about these guys. I stumbled across “Neon Jesus” on MySpace Music and got carried away by the scratchy guitars, plodding organ, force-fed feedback and the dirt-simple lyrics…”I Can’t Stand It” repeated again and again will win me over every time. A lotta what they’re doin’, especially that guitar work, makes me think of the Raveonettes, but that’s OK…I love the Raveonettes. Like I said, not much out there on the band, but if this gets you goin’, you can head over to MySpace and stream some more.



New Website News

After more than six months of messing around, my newly redesigned website should finally go live later this week!

Brad Trent Photography

With any luck, it should be online by Thursday, but just keep hitting your reload button until something new shows up…then lemme know what’cha think!