Saving mp3 Files…For Dummies!!!

Since moving the Song of the Day List from an e-mail that got shotgunned out daily to a blind list of thousands to this much more efficient blog system, I’m getting asked, “How do I save the mp3’s?!!”…..OK…here ya go!

On a Mac it couldn’t be easier…simply hold down the ‘Control’ key and click on the mp3 link. This will open a window asking you a whole mess of stuff, but all you’re interested in is the option to “Download Linked FIle”…this will automatically & magically send the file into your computer to wherever you have your downloads sent to. In my case, they drop right onto my desktop and all you need to do to load them into your iTunes folder is double-click on ’em!

If you’re on a PC…get a Mac! I dunno…you can probably ‘right/click’ the link to do the same thing, but seriously……get a Mac!!!

One thought on “Saving mp3 Files…For Dummies!!!

  1. How to save an MP3 on a PC.
    – Right Click on the link, and select ‘Save Link As…’
    – next choose where you want to save that link, i.e. your desktop or ‘Song of the Day by the Big Man Brad’ directory
    – since the link is predisposed as a *.mp3 file, it will save directly as an MP3 file.

    Easy Peazy – Lemon Squeezy

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