Song of the Day


DOWNLOAD: Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.

It’s been barely two weeks since I dropped a leak from the new Faunts album on The List, but now that Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. has come out, I really need to push my electro-homeboys from Edmonton a little harder by offering up the title track. I said then that these guys had me thinking of the first Depeche Mode album, Speak & Spell, with the frenetic synthesizers and Tim Batke’s spare, minimalistic vocal, and maybe it’s because they sound a lot like the 80’s electro-pop bands I grew up listening to, but I can’t stop playing this album. I’m sure some of you run in the opposite direction when anything resembling electronica crosses your path, but trust me…this is uncontrived, melodic and well crafted pop that deserves a look. Check out Faunts at MySpace