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New Man

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Provo, Utah is the home to three kids calling themselves Desert Noises and they just dropped their first EP…recorded in all of four days…and I gotta say, after listening to the first couple of cuts I’m pretty impressed! OK…maybe it’s a teeny bit derivative of Band of Horses, or maybe it’s just how lead singer Kyle Henderson’s voice hits the higher register the same way BofH’s Ben Bridwell does…I dunno, but the combination of his vocals and some pretty tight production (check out the open & clear guitar and bass!) makes for a quite appealing listening experience. You can check ’em out over on MySpace



OK…so my new site has been live since February 24th…nine days…and I just discovered how to use the feature that allows me to pull web stats in order to see the traffic that visits the site…..

1728 ‘unique’ visitors…2798 visits…45,608 page views for a total of 48,997 ‘hits’…!!!

Besides here in the States, I’m gettin’ hits from Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Austria and Poland…Poland?!!

All in nine days?!!


So tell your friends…write your congressman…pass the address along to an art director you know (!)…but let’s keep the hits a comin’…!!!

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