OK…so my new site has been live since February 24th…nine days…and I just discovered how to use the feature that allows me to pull web stats in order to see the traffic that visits the site…..

1728 ‘unique’ visitors…2798 visits…45,608 page views for a total of 48,997 ‘hits’…!!!

Besides here in the States, I’m gettin’ hits from Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Austria and Poland…Poland?!!

All in nine days?!!


So tell your friends…write your congressman…pass the address along to an art director you know (!)…but let’s keep the hits a comin’…!!!

Brad Trent Dot Com


12 thoughts on “…..Wow!!!

  1. I know, i average 1000 visits a day(forget hits)…and that has resulted in “0” jobs, as far as i can tell. Where as…running into an old friend at a wedding 6 months ago, yielded “1” job. Maybe they need to put a “jobs results” in their stats? ha

    Oh sure…….are you trying to make me feel good?!! BT

  2. Riding the crest of the damn ugly wave. I see a whole line of damn ugly merchandising. Damn ugly pajamas (and other intimate apparel). Damn ugly floor lamps. Damn ugly action figures.

  3. I hate to burst your bubble, but all of those hits are not necessarily from unique users. True, you have a larger fan base than my petty example, but still. Recently we posted my sister’s wedding site, the address was only available on the STD notice, Save The Date(one hell of a bad acronym). In that time we have received over 2500 hits from over 200 unique IP addresses. From 6 different countries, including India, Japan, and Germany. It will be a small Minnesota wedding.

    What does this mean?
    There are several sites or hosts that rotate their IP addresses, thus falsely inflating those numbers. There are also things called Spiders, or Crawlers(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_crawler) that literally walk the web and save data for both positive and negative uses like Search engines or hackers.
    Numbers are fun, which is why we collect them, but do not celebrate until you know truly what they mean. Unless of course you need a reason to celebrate, and the excuse of today ending in “Y” does not do it for you.

  4. If you want to drive more people to your site by putting your name at the top of any given search engine list, it’s totally doable for a fee.
    Oh and I just looked at “BIO” on new site… where’s my Photoshop credit, b-otch? 😛

  5. Brad, this is a brillant idea!! from Daddyo: I see a whole line of damn ugly merchandising. Damn ugly pajamas. Damn ugly floor lamps. Damn ugly action figures.

    Really you should copyright that name. Damn Ugly Merchandising.

  6. this is the first one i have seen……i don’t think that any of my friends would take the time to read this because they are all stubborn 9 and 10 year old kids!

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