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Slow Burning Crimes

DOWNLOAD: Slow Burning Crimes

This is one of those indie band stories that kinda shows the length some bands will go to get heard ‘cuz they so believe in their music. East Hundred originally got together back in 2004 in the basement of brothers Brooke and Will Blair who thought they’d start a synth-heavy electro-dance band. After realizing that genre may not be their cup of tea, they invited Brooke’s girlfriend, Beril Guceri, to jump in on vocals. They played around as a trio for a while, releasing a few rough EPs, then in 2007 added childhood friends David Sunderland on bass and Susan Gager on keyboards and began in earnest writing original songs. But of course…you knew it had to happen…Brooke and Beril broke up, which added mucho tension to the mix, but also gave them a whole new path to go down with their songwriting. All that angst and heartache has finally produced their debut album (after five years!) Passenger, dripping with songs of failed love, friendships, anxiety and awkwardness. You should really head over to MySpace and give ’em a look!

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day

  1. neat tune, for sure. she’s beautiful and in a rock band – i’m terrified of her

  2. “start a synth-heavy electro-dance band”

    thanks for including this; i can ignore in safety.

    Oh, live a little, you contrarian grouch…that was the original incarnation of the band…if you take three and a half minutes to listen to this, you’ll see they ain’t exactly Depeche Mode! And besides, even Neil Finn started his career in Split Enz! BT

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