You Wanna Shoot Where?!!

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Often, getting a corporate mind to put aside the literal and think like I do isn’t always that hard…sometimes you just have to ask…..

In today’s BusinessWeek is the story on David Johnson and Conmed that I went up to Utica to shoot a couple of weeks back. It was one of those jobs where BW photo editor Sarah Morse and I talked about what might make a cool shot, but neither of us had any real idea what was possible or if there were any eye-grabbing visuals strong enough to anchor the story. Conmed manufactures medical and surgical equipment and the story was about in order to streamline production, they went from long assembly lines that cranked out warehouses of product to compact U-shaped workstations that filled orders as-needed. We knew that showing the workstations was a must, but production lines are rarely as groovy as they appear in the movies…still, after getting the tour, Bo and I slapped on our hairnets & bunnysuits and went to work on this…


Now, the workstations were OK and they got us this shot…


…and Dave loved it ‘cuz it showed off their new production facilities and how they used new ideas to solve a manufacturing problem, but for me it was more of a ‘point picture’ and I knew there was more we could do to sell the idea of individual, hand-assembled production. I suggested to Dave that we look at a couple of other locations I had briefly seen on my walk-through that didn’t involve the production facility. I convinced him that we could use one of the production teams showing the final product in a more graphic location and still convey the idea of the story. One location was a bank of ‘windows’ just off the reception area in their plant…


…and that was nice, but still a bit too sterile and corporate. The real winner was down a hallway that linked two parts of the building…an circular elevator bank that was covered is shimmering white tiles surrounded by acid-green walls!


And here is the final spread…..


The combination of the sterile white tiles and scorching green walls just screams medical and the nice balance of the workers blue smocks and Dave’s blue shirt made for a perfect image.

And as usual, to finish things off, I gotta get into the fun!



Song of the Day

New Love Grows On Trees

DOWNLOAD: New Love Grows On Trees

If you had told me I would ever drop a Pete Doherty song on The List, I probably would have slapped you just on principal…I mean, the guy has turned himself into a tabloid joke and trashed what was not only a great music career but a lucrative and marketable music commodity by not knowing when to put down the damned crack pipe. That said, the junkie can still crank out a damned nice song when he puts his mind to it! He locked himself in the studio with legendary producer Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur, Kaiser Chiefs, The Cranberries) and the result is Grace / Wastelands , due out March 24th. And damn…wouldn’t ya know it…Pete’s got a MySpace page where you can stream a few more cuts off of the album!