Song of the Day

Just This Ashtray

DOWNLOAD: Just This Ashtray

With some of the songs I’ve dropped on The List lately (from Our Broken GardenPete YornThe XXYoung Galaxy, to name a few), ya might think I’m stuck in a deep hole of melancholy…I dunno…it’s not like turning on the news offers anything even remotely cheery these days…but I just find the music, I don’t make it! I think this current wave of aural depressants says a lot about the state of things overall…

Anyway, now that I’ve dropped us all into an even darker mood than we were in a few seconds ago…..the L.A.-based electro-acoustic popsters known as Lemonwilde just dropped their new EP, Red Room, and it’s damned nice, even if it does fall into that Glum Rock category. I really love how vocalist Joseph Murray has a little Ian McCulloch/Bunnymen thang goin’ on with the way his trembling voice goes up and down the scales. They’re giving away the whole EP on MySpaceCLICK HERE and check it out!



4 thoughts on “Song of the Day

  1. Think I’m in that melancholy place, ’cause I just love this song (and yesterday’s)…so perfectly sad.

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