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My previous post on the new album from Fever Ray got me thinking…I usually find these leaks well in advance of the album’s release, pass them along to The List, but rarely revisit the artist after the album drops. So I went deep into my iTunes folder to see what other Songs of the Day from the past few months have lived up to the hype I bestowed upon them. One obvious choice is the album Me And Armini, released last Fall from Emiliana Torrini…


Me And Armini

DOWNLOAD: Me And Armini

When I first passed along the reggae-tinged ‘Me And Armini’, the melancholy charm and blend of wistful nostalgia won me over immediately, but it didn’t really prepare me for what I was to hear on the rest of the album with it’s simple, stripped down instrumentation that allows Torrini’s irresistible vocals to reveal sharp jolts of beauty, delicate little flourishes and unexpected oddities hidden in the simple song structures. ‘Gun’ is both the album’s most musically and thematically divergent track…and possibly the darkest song Torrini’s ever released. With the stark atmospherics and the reverby guitar riff, it’s a haunting homily to a jilted lover’s weapon of choice. The final passage is particularly chilling…. “Hey look me in the barrel and tell me that you love me, Yes this is a kiss that I swear will blow your mind…”

Me And Armini is one of the most appealing records I’ve listened to all year and for all you fans of The List it’s a must-buy. Check out Emiliana Torrini on MySpace or at her Website



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