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Young Adult Friction

DOWNLOAD: Young Adult Friction

New York Pop-Fuzzsters, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, who previously graced The List with ‘This Love Is Fucking Right!’, finally got around to compiling a bunch of the 7-inchers they’ve released since forming two years ago into their first, self-titled full-length album. Often called the happy offspring of My Bloody Valentine and Teenage Fanclub, what distinguishes POBPAH from a lot of their shoegazing peers is a true sense of musical craft and not screwing things up with overwrought production and unnecessary bells and whistles. And a good friend asked that I get outta the musical doldrums I have been in lately and toss out something more up-beat & up-tempo that he can listen to on his morning jog…this shoud do the trick! You can check out more POBPAH over on their MySpace page



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