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Last One To Die

DOWNLOAD: Last One To Die

In our continuing efforts to ROCK the joint up, we here at the Song of the Day List got all goosebumpy today when we heard that Rancid has a new album…their first new full length since 2003’s ‘Indestructible’…ready to drop this June and that the first leak, ‘Last One to Die’, is hitting the blogosphere. Often compared to The Clash, a fact they don’t seem to mind (check out their cover of The Clash’s ‘Cheat’ on YouTube), this song is actually the most accessible Rancid song I think I’ve ever heard…the snarly vocals from Tim Armstrong, the shout-it-out anthem-like chorus, the crashing guitars and thumping basslines, the streetpunk attitude…..if the rest of ‘Let the Dominoes Fall’ comes close to this song, I think Rancid just might win over some new fans! Check ’em out at MySpace


I Was On The ‘Today’ Show This Morning…..

So I’m just sitting here this morning, eating my flakes, reading The Times, with the ‘Today’ show on in the background…suddenly Suzy Welch is on to promote her new book, 10-10-10, and what do ya know…my shot of Jack & Suzy pops up with my credit and everything!



Now, my pictures of Jack & Suzy have been published all over the place…in BusinessWeek, on the cover of their books…


…and the photo used by the Today Show was from the last shoot we did for their website, The Welch Way, but it’s still kinda cool to have it splashed up on the screen before you’re even fully awake!