I Was On The ‘Today’ Show This Morning…..

So I’m just sitting here this morning, eating my flakes, reading The Times, with the ‘Today’ show on in the background…suddenly Suzy Welch is on to promote her new book, 10-10-10, and what do ya know…my shot of Jack & Suzy pops up with my credit and everything!



Now, my pictures of Jack & Suzy have been published all over the place…in BusinessWeek, on the cover of their books…


…and the photo used by the Today Show was from the last shoot we did for their website, The Welch Way, but it’s still kinda cool to have it splashed up on the screen before you’re even fully awake!

6 thoughts on “I Was On The ‘Today’ Show This Morning…..

  1. Can anyone tell me why the Today Show has those orange-colored rolling light things between segments and as a background to photos? They appear at the sides of the screen and move in a circular motion, reminding me of lights on the top of police cars.
    When did they start using these, and why?

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