Is It Wrong???

Haiti Aftermath 02


There is a fascinating discussion going on at the Judge’s Table at the Danish Pictures of The Year Competition regarding how much Photoshop is too much when it comes to photojournalism. Apparently, the entry of photographer Klavs Bo Christensen went way over whatever acceptable standard had previously been allowed, and his photographs were disqualified. Now God knows I twiddle the knobs as much as the next guy, but then I don’t claim to be a ‘photojournalist’ either. I’m not gonna editorialize, but check out the story yourself and lemme know what you think…..

Too much Photoshop? Judge for yourself

Song of the Day

Brother’s Blood

DOWNLOAD: Brother’s Blood

It’s safe to say that Kevin Devine probably ain’t gonna win any vocalist of the year awards, but he sings with such raw emotion and gut-wrenching honesty that I just had to pass along this song from his new album, Brother’s Blood, due out at the end of the month. When his Neil Young-like, sorta-out-of-key vocal fades away half-way through and lets the positively hypnotic guitar run take over, you really get to see how damn good this song is…and then he comes back…angrier than ever, to finish you off! Give this one some time…it took me four or five plays before I was totally hooked…but it’s so worth it! Kevin Devine is from Brooklyn and you can check him out on MySpace