Is It Wrong???

Haiti Aftermath 02


There is a fascinating discussion going on at the Judge’s Table at the Danish Pictures of The Year Competition regarding how much Photoshop is too much when it comes to photojournalism. Apparently, the entry of photographer Klavs Bo Christensen went way over whatever acceptable standard had previously been allowed, and his photographs were disqualified. Now God knows I twiddle the knobs as much as the next guy, but then I don’t claim to be a ‘photojournalist’ either. I’m not gonna editorialize, but check out the story yourself and lemme know what you think…..

Too much Photoshop? Judge for yourself

6 thoughts on “Is It Wrong???

  1. Is it just that he’s not a very good photographer? He’s pretty pretty pretty pretty good at Photoshop though. Doesn’t qualify as photojournalism for me.

    You are the polar opposite of a photojournalist. Discuss.

  2. No need to disqualify him, since the edited photo is so ugly it wouldn’t have won nothing. The original picture is also quite poor.

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