Song of the Day: I Wanna Be A Rock Star!!!


Where You’ll Find Me

DOWNLOAD: Where You’ll Find Me

So yesterday, on the hottest day of the year, I took Audrye Sessions up on a rooftop in Brooklyn for an impromptu photo shoot on one of their few days off while crisscrossing the country on the tour for their album. I hooked up with the band through a series of cool coincidences when I made ‘Turn Me Off’ the Song of the Day a month ago. After my post, a friend of mine saw that Black Seal Records had linked Damn Ugly Photography on their own blog…and a few e-mails later we were up on the roof cooking our asses off!


And before you all chime in to point out the obvious, yes…the above photo is an homage to the famous Art Kane shot of The Who…..


‘Where You’ll Find Me’ is another gem off of their self-titled album and another example of just how amazing lead singer Ryan Karazija’s voice really is. The song starts off with him softly leading you into what sounds like just another ballad, but about a minute in the orchestral flourishes and glorious harmonics take you to a much grander place and his soaring vocals, trembling with hurt, rising to a beautiful falsetto, will give you shivers. If you didn’t take my advice the first time, do it now…buy this album! It’s only $5.99 on iTunes…that’s not even a sandwich…and it’ll make you feel a lot better.

I’ll give up a few more shots from the day later on, but for now why dont’cha head on over to MySpace and show the band some love?!! They’re playing a sold-out show tonight at Bowery Ballroom and are on tour through June (with Manchester Orchestra) so if they’re playing where you live, give ’em a look…and tell ’em you’re friends Of Damn Ugly Photography!