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Love Has Left The Room

DOWNLOAD: Love Has Left The Room

Back in 2001, Nina Persson of The Cardigans and Nicolas Frisk of Atomic Swing collaborated on a little side project called A Camp. They kicked out a really cool album, but unless you were already a card-carrying Cardigans fan, it went pretty much unnoticed, so when I heard they were doing a second go-round, I had to check it out. Unlike the folky vibe of the earlier release, Colonia has a retro-60’s, wonderfully melodramatic, Petulla Clark-backed-by-the-London-Philharmonic thing goin’ on! The album was produced by Persson’s husband, Nathan Larson (soundtrack composer, formerly of Shudder To Think), and had some pretty impressive studio help with Guided By Voices drummer Kevin March, Joan Wasser (aka Joan As Police Woman), Swedish singer-songwriter Nikolai Dunger and former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha all pitching in. The result is a collection of theatrical, lush, well crafted songs that showcase Persson’s distinctive vocals. Check out more of A Camp on MySpace or on the A Camp website

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Beasts From More Rustic Days

DOWNLOAD: Beasts From More Rustic Days

I like 64-track, lavishly produced music as much as the next guy, but when you hear a piece of good old-fashioned, low-fi, grungey garage rock as nicely done as the new EP from The Boy Koan it kinda puts things in perspective. Sure, ‘Write It On A Postcard’ might lack the high priced producer, multi-platinum guest artists and a big label ad budget…but it’s got all the heart and soul and feedback-heavy guitar riffs you need to get dirty! Let’s champion the little guy for a change and head over to their MySpace page and show ’em some love…they’ve only got 146 friends!

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DOWNLOAD: Drowning

It’s been a long time (3+ years) since Portland-based renaissance woman Tara Jane ONeill has graced The List, but after a quick scan of the ‘net this morning I see she’s just dropped her eighth album and I couldn’t resist. I’ve been listening to it for a couple of hours now and her beautiful, fragile vocals and the dirge-like quality of the music has washed over me…kinda what I needed after the past couple of days. See, I had to say goodbye to an old friend…the oldest of our cats, Baby, left us yesterday after 21 years. They say misery loves company and I guess I just wanted to hear something that sort of matches my mood. You can hear more from Ms. ONeill on her MySpace page.


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Talk To Me


Just in time for summer, everybody’s favorite freaky dirty girl, Peaches, dropped her fourth album, I Feel Cream, and while it’s hardly a surprise that it’s all about sex, who knew Merrill could push out a track so completely danceable as ‘Talk To Me’…?!! The thumping bass riff that drives this song almost makes me wish I liked going to the kinda clubs that will undoubtedly have this thing on heavy rotation…just so that I could experience slinking among a sweaty crowd of hot 20-somethings! Check out Peaches Rocks or her MySpace page for more slippery fun!

Jeff Gomez for BusinessWeek



Last week we had a pretty good time making something outta nothing with Jeff Gomez, the CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, for BusinessWeek. Who is Jeff and what is Starlight Runner? Well, after asking both my editors and the people who work at Starlight Runner, I still don’t really know, but as best as I can explain, he cooks up back stories and alternate realities for existing products in order to push the brand further with pretty huge clients like the Disney and Coca-Cola! Yeah…I know, it doesn’t make much sense to me either, but since their offices didn’t offer much in the way of ambience and I figured that with all the monster posters around the place he might be a bit of a comic-book aficionado, we decided to get creative and conjure up an alternate reality of our own. The main shot is simply Jeff standing behind a back-lit glass partition and for the second, I liked the grid pattern on their freight elevator door so we slapped him up against it…and as happens a lot, I backed up as far as I could in the cramped space and left my lights in the shot.



Website Update News…..


Nothing too major…but I’ve changed up a couple of the rotating Home Page images and the portfolios have been newly categorized as well as getting some new stuff…most notably the Audrye Sessions shoot and some recent portraits I did for BusinessWeek and Barron’s…..check it out HERE!!!

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Roses In The Park

DOWNLOAD: Roses In The Park

Whenever I hear a Liechtenstein song I always think these are the kinda girls who should have hooked up with the Ramones. Their raggedly raw, unfussy, slightly apathetic, Bananarama-on-drugs pop songs worm their way into my brain and I can’t help but find myself humming along like a dumb monkey…but in a good way! I was kinda bummed to find out that they played Don Hills last week and I missed it, but they’re gonna be back in Brooklyn at Bruar Falls tomorrow night. ‘Roses In The Park’ is off of their new album, Survival Strategies In A Modern World and you can listen to more on MySpace