Song of the Day

We All Belong To The Red Sun

DOWNLOAD: We All Belong To The Red Sun

Don’t Waste Time

DOWNLOAD: Don’t Waste Time

It’s been almost two years since The Morning Stars have been featured on The List when I sent out ‘Don’t Waste Time’ off of their amazing debut album You Can’t Change The World, but the other day Michael Ivic sent me a leak off of their new release, Radiation. As with the earlier album, there are elements here that bring to mind bands like Oasis, Love and Rockets and even The Beatles…especially the way the vocals & airy psychedelic guitars are layered together in the voluptuous mix. This song has a lot more of an easy-going, shoegazey vibe than anything off of the earlier album, but there’s also a level of sophistication and worldliness that is drawing me in. No news on when the album drops, but you can head on over to their MySpace page for updates.



2 thoughts on “Song of the Day

  1. Hey Brad!
    Loved the song of the day for a while… keep up the good work.

    I just found a tool that you can embed into your wordpress as a plugin (very very easy) and will create a player at the bottom of your site that will automatically take all of the songs on your blog and turn them into a playlist that will play throughout the site!
    Check it out:

  2. After testing it on my site, it doesn’t play throughout, only on specific pages. Your users can have a breakout window that will play throughout, but it’s not as cool as I first thought…

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