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Own Devices

DOWNLOAD: Own Devices

Minneapolis is starting to look like a new breeding ground for edgy indie bands and one of the better ones that has suddenly become a must-see act if you find yourself in the greater Twin Cities area, Story of the Sea, caught my ear this morning with a couple of cuts off of their second album, Lunar Co. I wonder, is it too soon to coin the phrase, ”90’s revival”?!! ‘Cuz that’s kinda the feeling I get when I listen to Own Devices, with it’s slightly Pixies-esque arrangements complete with perky guitar riffs, thumpy bass runs and I-don’t-give-a-shit lyrical phrasings. I’m not sayin’ a 90’s revival is a bad thing, but the thought of it just kinda makes me feel old. But I’m diggin’ this regardless, and you can check ’em out on MySpace for some more.