The Audrye Sessions ‘Session’…..


So it’s been a couple of weeks since my shoot with Audrye Sessions, but I’ve finally had the time to finish my work on the photographs and get some of them up here…enjoy!

(Click on any image for the Full-Size version)

We started inside…we were shooting in an old factory building in Brooklyn and there was the most amazing stairwell…


…then back in the studio against a plywood wall…..


But eventually we had to go outside…in the heat…up on the roof. Here’s Bo and Kaz, sweating…..


…and the final image, my homage to Art Kane’s shot of ‘The Who’…..


Turning 180 degrees gave me this view…..


Finally, we went back down to the studio, but even though we were running late and the band had to get back into Manhattan for a radio interview, I had one more idea I wanted to pull off…and a ‘mistake’ made it even better. When we were setting up the shot, my first exposure was overexposed about three stops and the grey balance was all effed up…but it was cool, so we left it alone…


…and it led to this…..


Just another day at the office!


7 thoughts on “The Audrye Sessions ‘Session’…..

  1. Wow that stairwell shot is amazing! I love the mosiac effect too!

    I hope you dont mind, I just put it on a tshirt, I cant wait to wear it 😛


    The t-shirt sounds groovy…send me a picture when you get it done! BT

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