Song of the Day

I Want You To Know

DOWNLOAD: I Want You To Know

I’m deskbound today, retouching…retouching…retouching…and in desperate need of something to wake my ass up, so I was heartened see that the oldest men in indie rock, J Mascis, Murph and Lou Barlow, better known as Dinosaur Jr., are primed and ready to drop their first album on Jagjaguwar next month. The first leak off the new disc, ‘I Want You To Know’, is chocked full of the feedback, fuzzy distortion and Crazy Horse-era Neil Young guitar flourishes you want (and expect) from a Dinosaur Jr. song and just what I needed to give me a mid-afternoon kick in the pants. Farm drops June 23rd, but you can head over to MySpace or their website for more info…


2 thoughts on “Song of the Day

  1. love me some DinoJr. _Beyond_ was a great return to form, so i’ve got high hopes for _Farm_. good live band too, but do NOT forget ear plugs. crushingly loud.

    Gee…how did I know you’d jump in and make a comment on this one?!! BT

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