Website Update News…..


Nothing too major…but I’ve changed up a couple of the rotating Home Page images and the portfolios have been newly categorized as well as getting some new stuff…most notably the Audrye Sessions shoot and some recent portraits I did for BusinessWeek and Barron’s…..check it out HERE!!!

Song of the Day


Roses In The Park

DOWNLOAD: Roses In The Park

Whenever I hear a Liechtenstein song I always think these are the kinda girls who should have hooked up with the Ramones. Their raggedly raw, unfussy, slightly apathetic, Bananarama-on-drugs pop songs worm their way into my brain and I can’t help but find myself humming along like a dumb monkey…but in a good way! I was kinda bummed to find out that they played Don Hills last week and I missed it, but they’re gonna be back in Brooklyn at Bruar Falls tomorrow night. ‘Roses In The Park’ is off of their new album, Survival Strategies In A Modern World and you can listen to more on MySpace