Song of the Day

You Still Hurt Me

DOWNLOAD: You Still Hurt Me

William Fitzsimmons dropped ‘Live from the Downtown Studios’ a couple of weeks back…an EP of seven live versions of songs taken from his most recent release, “The Sparrow and the Crow”, an album of hurt and pain that promotes the heartache of longing that I’ve come to expect from him. Let the guitar flourishes carry you along on ‘You Still Hurt Me’, then head over to MySpace to listen to a bit more.


Song of the Day

I Knew


Lightning Dust is side project cobbled together by Amber Webber and Joshua Wells, both members of the Vancouver band Black Mountain. Now, I like Black Mountain, but what Amber and Josh are doing here has nothing to do with the psychedelic rock they put out with the other guys…..‘I Knew’, a frantic love song just leaked off of their second album, is more like fast-paced electro-folk and the way it’s driven along with that synthy, pulsating beat and Amber’s trilling vocal harmonies, it’s kinda reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins. ‘Infinite Light’ drops August 4th, but until then you can check ’em out over on MySpace


Song of the Day


DOWNLOAD: Dancehall

One of my most-played albums from last years was ‘Heavenly Bender’ from Brooklyn’s Sam Champion, so this morning when I found out their guitar player, Sean Sullivan, has a little side project going, I just had to check it out. As Sean Bones, he’s kicking out Ska and Reggae-infused party-pop with a refreshing soulful feel. His debut album, Rings, is set to drop July 21st and you can check him out on MySpace



I’m feelin’ generous, so here’s a previous Song of the Day off of Heavenly Bender…

Be Mine Everyone

DOWNLOAD: Be Mine Everyone


Lew Frankfort for BusinessWeek


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For the second week in a row, I have a feature in BusinessWeek, a story on the new marketing strategy at Coach, featuring Lew Frankfort, the CEO, and Jerry Stritzke, the COO. The story looks great and the best thing was that I got to break out the mosaic-tiling technique I’ve been doing lately…..




Song of the Day


Beach House

DOWNLOAD: Beach House

Yesterday it was a ‘Cabin Song’…today it’s a ‘Beach House’…am I on the cutting edge of a new indie music/home improvement trend?!! Seattle’s Cave Singers are set to drop their second album, Welcome Joy, in August and Pete Quirk’s scratchy, nasaly Arlo Guthrie-like vocals are intertwined beautifully among the simple, atmospheric folkie harmonies layed down by Derek Fudesco and Marty Lund…it all sounds so familiar, but in a peculiar way…like a story you had long forgotten…his voice brings it all back into focus. Give ’em a look on their MySpace page

Song of the Day


Cabin Song

DOWNLOAD: Cabin Song

With the pedal steel guitar, country twang and mournful storytelling that dominates “Cabin Song”, it’s probably hard to tell that Vancouver’s Tamara Nile, or T. Nile when she’s on stage, has a musical style that falls a lot closer to Sheryl Crow than full-on Nashville, but on her just released “The Cabin Song EP”, the blend of country, folk, world beats and even electronica really showcases this young singer/songwriter who grew up up in…yes…a cabin on a small Island off the coast of British Columbia. Give her a look on MySpace or at her website

Song of the Day


Last Dance

DOWNLOAD: Last Dance

It’s stuff like this that makes the Song of the Day worth it…you come in find a demo leaked off of an album that is probably a year away…and you didn’t hafta work to get it or nuthin’! The Raveonettes are back in Copenhagen recording a new record and they want your input…if you head over to you can download other demo’s a they come available and even get into live chats with Sharin and Sune to let ’em know what you think! Of course, if ‘Tweets’ are more your style, you can also follow them on Twitter but my favorite is still the tried & tested MySpace Page