Song of the Day



As I sit here getting radiation burns from the glow of my computer monitors, a little fried after retouching the 500 or so images from my shoots this week, I’m being lulled into a soft & fuzzy place by the warm harmonies of Blitzen Trapper’s latest album, Furr, an amazing recording they modestly call ‘fine homemade music’, but what is actually some of the most beautifully crafted ballads and wonderfully meandering alt-country stuff I’ve heard in a long time. OK…I suppose the ‘homemade’ thing is accurate since in true indie form it was put together by guitarist-vocalist Eric Earley in the band’s telegraph-building-turned-studio in their home town of Portland, Oregon, but the result is a cohesive collection of imaginative, heartfelt and revealing storytelling. Head over to their MySpace page and give ’em a look.



3 thoughts on “Song of the Day

  1. Strange! I’ve discovered that we like a lot of the same songs. Yes, really! Thank you for telling us dummies how to save them. Love ya’

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