Song of the Day

Heavy Cross

DOWNLOAD: Heavy Cross

Beth Ditto is hard to love. And I’m not talkin’ about her music…Hell, the girl’s got one of the best sets of pipes in the music biz…no, it’s that she’s not feminine…or conventionally pretty…or particularly video-friendly. Oh, let’s be honest…she’s a really large, militantly unapologetic lesbian who could care less if you listen to her music or not, especially if you’re a Katy Perry fan! That’s probably why that even after three amazing albums, The Gossip…oops, sorry, they’re just calling themselves ‘Gossip’ now…are much more Big Time in the U.K. than at home in the States, but now, with the release of their fourth CD, Music For Men, Beth seems to have dialed up the cute and channels a bit of Debbie Harry and Blondie for a sound that is a lot less punky and more Pop-Hook radio-friendly than anything the band has put out before! Hey, I was down with ‘Heavy Cross’ right from the beginning with the tasty, staccato guitar intro and her mewling Woo-Hoo’s, but then the disco drums and wah-wah pedals come out and this thing chugs me right onto the dance floor. I still don’t expect to see her on ‘Regis & Kelly’ any time soon, but it’s still lotsa fun and totally unexpected…gotta get it! Check out Gossip on their MySpace page or on the Official Gossip Website


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