Azim Premji for BusinessWeek


Azim Premji owns over 80% of Wipro, the third-largest Indian IT company, which by default makes him one of India’s richest business people. He was actually the richest person in India from 1999 through 2005, but I guess the recession has taken a chunk outta his wallet, ‘cuz now he’s only the fifth richest Indian! He was in the States a few months ago and I photographed him for BusinessWeek for a story on how the global recession has affected India’s vast outsourcing industry…….


That’s right…outsourcers. Wipro is one of those companies that you get to talk to when you call customer service after your computer breaks, or the software you installed doesn’t work the way you thought it would, or any one of a thousand other reasons the call to customer service that used to take to you to a guy named ‘Bob’ at the Home Office is more often than not routed to a call center in Bangalore…..just like in Slumdog Millionaire

He was at Wesleyan University getting an honorary degree and I had all of five minutes between appointments to get off my two shots. The first was a kind of dark & scary number where I sandwiched him between a stone wall and a gnarly tree trunk, but then I had a thought from the mosaic side of my brain that told me to shoot him in a way that would metaphorically illustrate the over-reaching effect outsourcing has on the World…and I came up with this Vishnu-like, multi-armed photo that made me smile…


And I also knocked off a test shot of me showing off my new, modified-mullet haircut!


Van Toffler for BusinessWeek


In one week I went from photographing the President of the United States to photographing the President of MTV… damn cool is that?!!

Van Toffler is is president of MTV Networks Music/Films/Logo Group and is responsible for all of the MTV Networks music services including MTV, MTV2, VH1, CMT and all their affiliated digital services. I was shooting him for BusinessWeek because MTV is releasing The Beatles: Rock Band, a video game that allows players to use plastic instruments to jam as their favorite Beatle. The Beatles: Rock Band comes out September 9th.


Song of the Day



As any of you long-time Song of the Day Listmembers can attest to, the summer months always prove kinda tough when it comes to finding truly good music to listen to…Hell, I even tossed out Katy Perry’s “Kissed A Girl” last year ‘cuz the pickings were few and far between…so I apologize up front for having to go back to a release from earlier this year for today’s song. I think L.A.’s Great Northern dropped “Remind Me Where The Light Is” back in April and I admit to having completely overlooked it, but I gotta say, there are some really tasty cuts on it…”Story”, “Snakes”, “Mountain” and the song I’m giving up today, “Houses”, all showcase Rachel Stolte’s dreamily harmonic vocals and the dubbed-up, buzzy wall of shoegazing guitars offered up by her bandmate, the former 30 Seconds to Mars vocalist and guitarist, Solon Bixler. With very little coaxing, I found myself wrapped up in the eerily surreal aural scenery that I was hearing. Give ’em a further look on their MySpace page