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It’s not all music and photography here at Damn Ugly and with that in mind, I’m gonna pass on one of my favorite blogs to you guys today and strongly advise each and every one of you to visit the site on a regular basis… is a little waste of time run by a Greenpoint resident who goes by the decidedly bohemian moniker, Miss Heather.


I don’t know Miss Heather, but she apparently doesn’t mind being known as the ‘Dog Shit Queen of Greenpoint’…that’s ‘cuz she started her blog back in April of 2006 as a way of blowing off steam about her neighborhood, the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, and the stunning amount of dogshit that she seemed to encounter whenever she ventured out of her apartment.


I’ll admit that I was drawn to her blog because, as a former Greenpoint resident myself, I wondered just how much could be written about my former nabe, and I will say that over time, her blog has certainly evolved into much, much more than just a litany of rants about the fecal habits of canines across the bridge from Manhattan…and that’s really what I love about it.


Sure, she still loves to point out interesting crap-related things she stumbles across in the ‘hood, but the blog has become a wealth of Greenpoint-related information as well. Her numerous ‘Photo’s De Jour’ and the New York Shitty Day Starter’s and Ender’s are typically photographs she has taken on her travels through the greater Greenpoint/Williamsburg and when I see what she manages to find in what is a rather small corner of the city, I am always amazed!


Her takes on Vinyl Siding are a revelation and because she is also a Crazy Cat Lady, her posts on the local feline population are also lotsa fun, but I’m really fascinated by her one-woman assault on a condo project known as The Viridian…..I’ve gotten tho the point where I can’t wait for the next dose of venom she will lay down whenever she writes about a building she obviously wishes would get swallowed up by Newton Creek


So to all of you Damn Ugly fans reading this, take a few moments and go give Miss Heather a few hits…I’m sure you’ll find the diversion worth the effort……

Click Here For A Dose Of New York Shitty !!!


3 thoughts on “Blogrolling of the Day –

  1. Kudos to her!! As I was raising my two young boys and continually changing diapers….I always noticed people walking their dogs in our neighborhood and they’d let them stop by my mailbox to do their “thing”.

    Often I was tempted to track them down (or track down their mailbox) and deposit the contents of my boys’ diapers at the base of their mailbox. You know….just as a friendly neighbor, returning the favor! My boys are grown now. I never did that. And that is my only regret.

    Have a great day and thanks for posting this!

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