Song of the Day

High Ground

DOWNLOAD: High Ground

Back in March I told you all about the Orenda Fink/Scalpelist project called O+S and now I found out that the Azure Ray singer/songwriter has yet another solo album set to drop in a few weeks. “Ask The Night” veers 180 degrees from the electronic vibe of O+S and her earlier work in Azure Ray and instead she seems focused on using spare, acoustic instruments to highlight her beautiful songwriting. The album was apparently recorded live to 8-track in Stephen Bartolomei’s basement and Andy LeMaster’s living room and features a wide variety of players and singers, including Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse), Dan McCarthy (McCarthy Trenching), and Adrianne Verhoeven (Dri, The Anniversary, Art In Manila). And the news gets even better…she got back together with with Maria Taylor as Azure Ray over the Summer and a new Azure Ray album will apparently be showing up next year. Give her a look on her MySpace page



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