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Stones Throw

DOWNLOAD: Stones Throw

We’ve had a lotta ‘pretty’ music lately on The List, so before the some of the more militant types get up my ass for wimping out, it’s probably time for a wall of fuzzy, distorted, feedback-drenched guitars. Love Of Diagrams is a trio from Melbourne and in case ya didn’t notice, they ain’t copying ‘Men At Work’…they spit out an urgent, post-punk attitude and keep it simple…guitar, bass, drums, vocals. On ‘Stones Throw’, angular guitar runs and cannonball bass lines push along Luke Horton’s stripped-down, monotone vocals that seem so devoid of human feeling it’s almost like they’re computer generated, but the effect is wonderfully hypnotic. Nowhere Forever was released in Oz a couple of weeks ago and so far all I can find are import CD versions, but be industrious….use Google and find this thing…you’ll thank me! Check out more Love Of Diagrams on their MySpace page