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The Other Side

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Melody Nelson is the fictional subject of Serge Gainsbourg’s concept album, Histoire de Melody Nelson, based on the Nabokov novel, Lolita. It’s also the name a psychedelia-lovin’, feedback-heavy trio of Gainsbourg aficionados from London’s East End have dubbed themselves. Fronted by Irish-Jamaican-Londoner Aidan O’Connell on vocals and guitar, with Birmingham-born bassist Ben Edwards and an Israeli known only as ‘Kapi’ on drums, they’ve been getting all kinds of notices for what all the kidz say is a killer live show and are building a reputation as being London’s loudest band. They may be loud, but the body of work they have already put together is impressive and their debut disc, Torch Songs, is due out this fall. If I can trust the press releases (and my own ears) we can expect intense harmonies, walls of he aforementioned noise, anthems about love, loss & confusion, all wrapped up with edgy production handled by the likes of David Roback (Mazzy Star), Mike Bennett (The Fall,The Stranglers) and Jerry Kandiah (Gang of Four, Killing Joke)

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