Barron’s PENTA – Premiere Edition

*Click on any image for full-size*


A few weeks ago, Adrian Delucca and Pamela Budz from Barron’s came to me with a cover project…..would I be interested in re-working a shot I had done for them last year that didn’t run into a slightly more stylized version for Penta, a new insert Dow Jones is including with the magazine. This was the original photograph I did of financial analyst Stephanie Pomboy…..


First, we had to come up with the same piece of furniture that Stephanie had in her apartment…thank God for The Conran Shop! The only tiny wrinkle was that it was in bright orange and we kinda had our hearts set on green…..


…but I knew that Photoshop was gonna let me pick and choose whatever final colors we needed! Next, I had to stuff the drawers with a few hundred thousand dollars of prop money…..


…and finally, after Kelly worked a bit of her magic on Jackie Mumm, our model……


…we ended up with this…..


…and our final cover image…..



Pretty much all that was left for us to do was to horse around on the set!!! Adrian got to trash the money…..


…and my stylist, Naila, wanted to burn the place down!!!

Naila Burning

(Don’t ya just love what happens when you spin those Photoshop dials?!!)


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