Song of the Day

Petal Song

DOWNLOAD: Petal Song

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Jane Herships calls herself Spider and she spins shimmering webs of delicately crafted poetry with a whispery, vibrato-laced delivery. Her tender delivery and heartfelt emotion on ‘Petal Song’, from her new album, Things We Liked to Hold, is eerily reminiscent of Victoria Williams but also has me thinking of Tanya Donelly and Margo Timmins from Cowboy Junkies. She comes across so real…so true…and so completely intimate. And while the music spends most of it’s time meandering around shuffling, acoustic scales and a softly brushed snare drum, it’s the hard-driven electric flourish at the end that really makes this one special.

Check out Spider on MySpace or over on her Website