R.I.P. Irving Penn

I’m lost for words. Irving Penn, one of the people whose work inspired me to become a photographer, died this morning……


Irving Penn – NY Times Obit


Song of the Day

How You Like Me Now?

DOWNLOAD: How You Like Me Now?

I’ve had this funky number rolling ’round my head ever since I heard it on the season finale of ‘Entourage’, so the natural thing to do is to send it out to you guys. The song is a wonderful kiss-on-the-cheek homage to the Godfather of Soul right down to the Detroit horn section, crunchy guitars and Kelvin Swaby’s bloody brilliant raspy soul man vocals. It’s prolly ‘cuz I just saw the new musical, Memphis, on Broadway earlier this week (and trust me…if you can get tickets, get ’em now, ‘cuz after opening night on October 19th, it’s gonna be sold out for years!) and I’m appreciating the vintage R&B vibe, but this bad-ass, funk-soul wall of sound has me bobbin’ in my chair Big Time!!!


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