More Foto Funnies…..The Photo Editor

DISCLAIMER: This video is meant for humorous purposes only. The Photo Editor represented in this bit of fluff in no way represents any person, living or dead, and certainly not anybody I have ever worked for….my clients are all groovy!!! This is just something I made up over on

Song of the Day

I Should Be Born

DOWNLOAD: I Should Be Born

My love of the Canadian art-rock ensemble Jets Overhead goes back to the very first time I ever heard ‘Shadow Knows’ off of their album, Bridges, in early 2006 and it sent such a shiver up my spine that I knew it was Song of the Day List-bound! The stunning stunning male/female harmonizing and layered musical compositions immediately made me a big fan, but Oh Man, the wait for a follow up was killin’ me! Then last fall came the leak of ‘It’s A Funny Thing’ and the word that the band had finished work on No Nations…..but it wouldn’t be out until summer 2009…..but I completely forgot about it…until today. ‘I Should Be Born’ is track number one off a record I’m recommending highly to all List Members! Head over to their MySpace page or their Official Website for more information.

Shadow Knows

DOWNLOAD: Shadow Knows

It’s A Funny Thing

DOWNLOAD: It’s A Funny Thing