More Foto Funnies…..The Photo Editor

DISCLAIMER: This video is meant for humorous purposes only. The Photo Editor represented in this bit of fluff in no way represents any person, living or dead, and certainly not anybody I have ever worked for….my clients are all groovy!!! This is just something I made up over on


5 thoughts on “More Foto Funnies…..The Photo Editor

  1. Love it!

    ….”afterall, we pay your bills”


    You damn photographers … always trying to take advantage. 😉

    Cheers Brad!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. I laughed so hard! Yeah, that’s pretty much what it feels like these days….
    I love “screw the f’in estimate!!”…that cracked me up!
    Keep the humor coming…we need it!

  3. I’ve broken out in hives just watching this –

    Where are those darn Valium yesterday’s client left behind?

    How dare you hire an assistant for $175 when we the client only pay $150. “I can’t get any of these twits to work for $150 – they have self respect and could give a s**t!”

    Good job!

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