Scary Thought of the Day…..

“Google keeps every single search query forever.
That’s ‘forever’…as in until the end of Time…!”

The Maria Bartiromo-hosted documentary, ‘Inside The Mind Of Google’, airs tomorrow night at 9:00PM on CNBC…..I’m scared already!!!


3 thoughts on “Scary Thought of the Day…..

  1. Sorry to quote an old ass Movie, but…
    “1984, you’re right man! That’s a typo. Orwell’s here now, he’s livin’ large.”
    – Hackers 1995

    I am sorry to say, at least in the industry, that is Very Old News.

    At least the way the world is going, you either embrace it or start agreeing with the ways of Ted Kaczynski.

  2. Yeah, but if you ever want them to find that elusive website that you once dug out of the electronic abyss, for-get-about it.

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