Song of the Day

Gimme Sympathy – Acoustic

DOWNLOAD: Gimme Sympathy – Acoustic

I’ve gotten a lotta e-mails in the past few days regarding this years Songs of the Year, but the runaway majority had to do with Metric’s ‘Gimme Sympathy’. And surprisingly (especially since I regularly get slammed for serving up too much ‘soft’ music) a bunch of you went back to the original post last August and watched the YouTube video of the acoustic version…and then asked if I had an mp3 of that one, too! Well…of course I do…and I’m just here to make you guys happy, right?!! As good as Emily Haines is in the album version, when her vocal is striped down and just a simple guitar is backing her up, all the sadness and hurt comes out and you really see just how great this song is. ‘Gimme Sympathy’ is off of Metric’s latest album, Fantasies. You should all make friends on their MySpace page