Weird Shit of the Day…..

God knows The Song of the Day is a big fan of Fever Ray, but even we had to scratch our heads when, at the P3 Guld Awards this weekend in Gothenburg Sweden (best described as the Swedish version of the Grammy’s, The MTV Awards, an Ecstasy-fueled Rave and Art Basel all rolled into one) Karin Dreijer Andersson picked up a shattered piece of glass for Best Dance Performance dolled up like Lady GaGa dipped in sulphuric acid! Very weird…very cool…very entertaining!


2 thoughts on “Weird Shit of the Day…..

  1. Looking at that videa makes me realize how normal I really am!

    Weirdest shit of the day? You got my vote!


  2. Well, what can you say…that fellow looks like he missed last call at the sky lounge on Star Wars.

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