Song of the Day


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For more than a decade now, singer/songwriter Matt Pond has put together an ever-changing roster of top-shelf musicians known as Matt Pond PA that has become a staple of the indie music scene. Over the years, he’s performed with bands such as Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Guster, Neko Case and Liz Phair, but in true indie style, even after releasing 14 albums he’s managed to pretty much stay off of the radar of the general public. Come April 6th he’ll be dropping Number 15 with The Dark Leaves. Why not head on over to MySpace and give him a look.

Bear Attack of the Day

Ronnie Weil figured that since I’m the only person she knows who has regular contact with bears, this instructional video just might come in handy. And I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed that the claymation Davey & Goliath-like action figure looks remarkably like yours truly…Enjoy!