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Changing Your Mind

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Bob Schneider is something of an institution in Austin, Texas…a town that certainly takes pride in it’s indie music. Back in the 90’s, Schneider co-founded The Scabs, one of those bands that nobody seems to know much about but everybody kinda remembers they were supposed to be great. In no time he built a reputation as being not only a solid frontman, but also became a cornerstone in the Austin live music culture. SInce going solo, he’s quietly put out ten albums and EP’s that always seem to catch the music critics ears, but not much radio play. I heard ‘Changing Your Mind’, from his latest album Lovely Creatures, on my Sirius the other day and was completely taken by the painful ache in his voice, especially when he and Patty Griffin harmonize in the chorus…well, that and the cellos, ‘cuz a sad cello solo with always get me to well up…you don’t get better break-up songs than this. I’m including both the album version and a leaner, acoustic live track he did for the folks at My Old Kentucky Blog Radio. Help a brother out and visit him on MySpace