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Tiger Woods

DOWNLOAD: Tiger Woods

Right up front I gotta tell those of you toiling away in cubicles that today’s song is probably considered NOT safe for work, so if The Man is close by, please turn down your speakers and be considerate of your more conservative colleagues. Dan Bern, or Danny Bernstein to his friends, is something of an itinerant singer/songwriter/novelist/painter/all-round-Renaissance man, which is to say he probably looks at traveling the backroads from gig to gig in a 78 Buick and making thirty-five grand a year as a romantic expression of his art…Crazy Heart anyone?!! But he’s also something of a visionary…Dan released Fifty Eggs back in 1998…but who would have known that a decade later this song would make such a perfect theme song for the current troubles Tiger Woods now finds himself embroiled in?!! I just find the whole damned thing funny as Hell. But Dan’s still plugging away (he starts what is probably his 500th tour in April) and you can check him out on his website or over on MySpace