Ron Burkle For BusinessWeek

It’s kinda bittersweet to be posting about a job I just did for BusinessWeek on the same day I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop regarding the expected job cuts, but what the heck…it might just be a long time before I have another BusinessWeek story to talk about, right?!!

Last Tuesday, I get a 7:00AM wake-up call from one of my favorite people in the whole World, Sarah Morse…the magazine just got an eleventh-hour OK to shoot Ron Burkle, the supermarket Gazillionaire, and would I be available…like right now…to shoot him?!! I was literally getting ready to head out for a location scout on another gig, but sure…I can call and get Bo’s lazy ass outta bed and the two of us could hang with Mr. Burkle for a bit. And I actually knew a lot about Burkle…he was a huge Democratic fundraiser, a regular on the New York Post’s Page Six, he owns the Pittsburgh Penguins, he hangs out with Bono and Diddy and Leo and various Supermodels…and he recently bought Sky Studio, a triplex photography studio with it’s own swimming pool that I used to rent, as a New York pied-à-terre for about 17 million bucks and that’s where we were gonna do the shoot! Of course, we were told that he would have very little time for the shoot and I wouldn’t get to meet with him until he arrived, but that didn’t matter. Even with a ten-minute shoot window, I figured I should be able to pull something kinda cool off…..

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The backlit, cantilevered staircase gave us a grand entrance focal point and we quickly saw it as the perfect location for our opener. Thank God Burkle showed up wearing a suit and not the jeans and polo shirt his publicist had promised!

After an extremely quick five-minute shoot on the stairs, I asked Ron if we could have a few more minutes to shoot him up on the roof…he graciously obliged and this was the result…..

You can read the article, ‘The Other Ron Burkle’, HERE and y’all stay tuned to see if I have any more BusinessWeek stories to relay in the future!

7 thoughts on “Ron Burkle For BusinessWeek

  1. Those are some great “under pressure” shots, Brad! I enjoyed the blog and Susan Bertfield’s article.


  2. back atcha BT, on the “one of my favorite people in the whole world” thing…and who else would i ever have thought of calling with 100% sureness of 100% success at a killer full page opening photo?!?!?! who who?

    Yer too kind! Absolutely correct, but too kind nonetheless….. BT

  3. Here via strobist
    Thx so much for the ‘blue room teacher’ explanation. Why do you use a color checker card? I thought profoto lights gave good clean ‘white’ light?

    Here’s the thing…if you have a ‘normal’ to start from…and by normal I mean a reference standard like a Macbeth color checker or an 18% grey card…then you can go in whatever direction you chose, but always know where the true ‘normal’ is. But if you don’t have that initial reference point, you’re always guessing at how far to push whatever effect you want to do. My final images are usually so fucked up and far from normal that you might think the color card is unnecessary, but without it I’m really kind of lost. It takes a few seconds to do the color card, but it’s the best few seconds you can waste on a shoot, trust me! BT

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