BusinessWeek – Over & Out

I just heard from my friends at BusinessWeek…the entire Photo Department has just been fired and the phones in the Art Department are starting to ring, so they’re probably all gone too….

1:00PM UPDATE: Everybody in the Photo, Art and Graphics departments got fired……

4:10PM UPDATE: I dunno if this has anything to do with the days events, but I just heard that the 43rd Floor is on fire…for real!!!……

17 thoughts on “BusinessWeek – Over & Out

  1. How very distressing for you and your colleagues. Like so many organizations, they fire the team and hire individuals back for contract work. You will land on your feet because you are outstanding in your work. Bummer in the short run.

  2. Are you really surprised? Not me. It’s happening everywhere. Now it’s hit you personally. Happened to me in July. They let go all of the decently paid long time employees with benefits and hired cheap associates with no benefits. I’m really sorry this had to happen. How sad.

  3. That is terrible news, Brad. I had my fingers crossed for some good news. Just goes to show, it doesn’t always work. I hope that everyone quickly finds a way to bounce back. I for one have complete faith your excellent skills will land you in a much better place. There is good in everything for those that choose to believe it.

    Best to you and your colleagues.

  4. Most accurate and real cover we’ve run in months, unfortunately. great work as always, Brad. (Though god only knows anymore who I would mean by “we”). can you have a “we” without an “us”?? I think the answer is clearly not.

  5. My best friend was among those that lost their job… the entire art department got replaced by new people.

  6. I just came across your blog and read this post. I was shocked…I just did a job for Sarah Morse in February for the first time. She was lovely on the phone and I thought what nice people to do a job for. What a bummer for them! Thanks for posting.

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