Jim Marshall Has Left The Building

Jim Marshall

February 3, 1936 – March 24, 2010

© 2007 Tim Mantoani

Jim Marshall…the only photographer allowed backstage at The Beatles last concert, the chief photographer at Woodstock, the guy who shot Jimi Hendrix as he set his guitar on fire at the Monterey Pop Festival and Janis Joplin with that Southern Comfort bottle and Bob Dylan casually rolling a tire down the street and Johnny Cash famously flipping the bird at the World…died in New York on Tuesday night. He was here for the opening of his “Match Prints” exhibition, a book project he and Timothy White did together, at Staley-Wise Gallery in Soho.

Every year for more than a decade, Michael Grecco and I have hosted a dinner for photographers who are still hanging around New York after the annual Photo Expo, and Jimmy was always there…telling stories, grabbing the ladies and usually yelling at me ‘cuz his wine glass was mysteriously empty! Jim is an honest to God legend in photography circles…one of the few guys I know who can be described as being ‘The Real Deal’. And a total wildman, too…that prizefighter nose of his wasn’t for show! One night he showed up with a shiner under his eye and a big gash across the bridge of his nose…the result of a ‘disagreement’ he had in a bar the night before…but Jimmy was also one of the nicest guys you’d ever wanna meet and a true friend. I’m gonna miss him at the dinner table…..

Jim at Woodstock

Bob and the Tire

Jimi Flaming Out at Monterey

Janis with the Southern Comfort










One thought on “Jim Marshall Has Left The Building

  1. i guess everyone needs to shuffle of this mortal coil sooner or later, and Jim certainly had as good a run as most, but it’s still sad to mark the passing of such a giant.

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