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Demander calls themselves a three-piece irregular rock band.

Sivan Harlap and Dave Kurutz met behind the snack bar at Villa Park High School in 1994. Karen Kanan Corrêa met Sivan and the two played in The Hissyfits back in 2001. Sivan actually spent the first few months of their acquaintance trying to get Karen kicked out of the group because I guess not everyone likes viola in a rock band, but Karen eventually switched to bass and the two became fast friends. Over the next two years they performed with The Killers, Gary Go, Holly Golightly and many others, but since 2004 they’ve been playing together under the name Demander. Dave and Karen met completely by chance in New York many years after the previous events, somewhere near 2008. Through some cosmic melding of the minds, the three of them now make bright sexy-time adventure pop for jogging, dancing, drinking or making out. And next Tuesday they’re set to drop their second album. It’s called Future Brite. Recorded in NYC, the album was produced by Jim Keller (Co-founder of 80’s band Tommy Tutone and writer of 867-5309) and was mixed by John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Hold Steady). Guest musicians include Franz Nicolay of The Hold Steady, Native American Music Award winner Martha Redbone, and members of World/Inferno Friendship Society and Anti-Social Music. During the recording process, there was apparently some singing done in a vocal booth that smelled like sheep perfume and a whole lot of clapping. You can enjoy more of Demander on their MySpace Page and further fun can be had by watching the fun-fun-fun video for ‘Math’


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