I’m Gonna Be Teaching At Santa Fe…

Mark your calendars kids, ‘cuz in July Mr. Damn Ugly is gonna be jetting off to teach a workshop at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops! Reid Callanan, the High Priest of Santa Fe, has invited Ronnie Weil and I to teach a week-long program called ‘The Editorial Portrait’…..an intensive class that will let us show a group of young photographers what it takes to shoot for an editorial client. We’re still figuring out the curriculum, but I’m getting tired already! I figure by the end of the week, if the students don’t have a very good idea of what it takes to be an editorial portrait shooter, they never will! The week will be a non-stop cycle of shooting and critiquing work…every day new assignments are given out and the students have to adapt immediately and come back with great imagery. I’m looking forward to kicking some young photographer ass!!!

The fun begins July 4th and you can read all about our workshop HERE!

6 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Be Teaching At Santa Fe…

  1. WOW!!! We’re so happy for you. In the past you have given seminars at your alma mater, so you have some past experience in teaching. What a wonderful opportunity for you to expand your career and use your extensive experience in editorial photography. You have earned your reputation as one of the best portrait photographers in the business, and we wish you every success in your new venture! XO XO

  2. You’re going to have a blast! One of my dearest buddies lives in Tesuque, right outside of Santa Fe, and I adore the area. Do your best to extend the trip a day or two or three so you can see a bit of Northern New Mexico…..Now, while you’re in Santa Fe, make sure you chow down at La Choza…..it’s a fantabulous little joint with great northern new mexican cuisine…..order posole (instead of frijoles)….and ask for xmas style (red and green) chile….sopapillas come with all the orders, and the house margarita is just as good as the premium, zillion dollar ones. Eat there on one of your first nights, because you’ll probably want to eat there again! Un abrazo fuerte, gomez

  3. xmas style chile: simply means half red, half green chile sauce….The New Mexican Hatch chiles are super prized. The green chile is milder than the red…..A great culinary shop in Santa Fe is The Spanish Table…..oh my gost, they have every size of paella pan in existence and I believe they ship…

  4. that photograph looks mighty close to one i know from my favourite internet radio.. if you did that, you know which radio i am talking about.. 😉

    Yeah…..I hooked up with Bill & Rebecca Goldsmith at Joshua Tree for a BusinessWeek story last year and afterwards I gave ’em a couple of shots to use on the radio Paradise site. BT

  5. how about a workshop in actual mexico?? feel like it??? wont be like shooting in Hobokeh i promise… san miguel allende? queretaro? mexico city?.. ill be happy to attend.

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