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Conscience Killer

DOWNLOAD: Conscience Killer

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club just dropped Beat The Devil’s Tattoo, the sixth album in nine years from the L.A.-based neo-psychedelia-garage rockers and along with the new album comes a new drummer, one-time Raveonette Leah Shapiro. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s no bigger Raveonettes fan out there than Mr. Damn Ugly, but when I heard the hard-rocking BRMC was gonna be backed up by their drummer, even I took a deep breath. But if what I’ve heard from Beat The Devil’s Tattoo is any indication, she’s fitting in very well the band’s established sound. On ‘Conscience Killer’, the tribal driving backbeat and fuzzy, reverb-heavy guitars help give Peter Hayes’ vocals a hot & sexy T-Rex feel. And just what is it about Marc Bolan (and The Raveonettes, for that matter?!!) these days? It was only a few weeks ago when I offered up a Raveonettes cover of ‘Heart Of Stone’ by Brooklyn Psych-rockers Amazing Baby that was a dead ringer for T-Rex and now we have BRMC jumping on 70’s Glam Train!

BRMC is currently in the middle of a bone-crushing European Tour, and you can check ’em out on MySpace