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Hey Kids…It’s a Two-Fer Tuesday today on The List!

Paul Banks, Carlos Dengler, Sam Fogarino and Daniel Kessler…those Joy Division-lovin’, dark-minded boys in the dark-colored suits otherwise known as Interpol…are back in the studio and they just leaked ‘Lights’, a song that takes more than two minutes before it really gets going, but then majestically builds up a theatrical momentum and ultimately sounds like it could be the opener off of their as yet unnamed new album. Now don’t get me wrong, I really like this, but I think the boys might hafta sit down with The Killers and work out some royalty payments, ‘cuz from where I’m standin’ they straight-up lifted the opening riff from The Killers song, “All the Pretty Faces”, and used it and the plodding hook that carries this song!!!

Think I’m wrong…take a listen…..

All The Pretty Faces

DOWNLOAD: All The Pretty Faces

So…am I crazy?!! Maybe, but remember…if there’s a lawsuit, you heard about it here first!

You can follow Interpol over on their MySpace page


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