The iPad Portfolio Era Begins…

As some of you already know, the past couple of months have had me furiously redesigning my current website with the folks at and yesterday Rob Haggart, Mr. APhotoFolio himself, informed me that they have become the first photography website company to deliver custom designed iPad sites, built using HTML5, for all of their customers. Check it out…

A Photo Folio – First To Deliver iPad Sites

As I sit here resizing TIFFS down to JPEGs for my new site, I hafta wonder if the next thing I’m gonna be doing is purchasing a carload of iPads to act as my portfolios?!! Given how labor intensive, not to mention expensive, printed portfolios can be, having everything on an iPad just might make sense! I dunno…it’s all very early in the game, but if I can get over not having a printed book of BIG prints to show an art director, who knows?!!

And now, here’s a quick look at a sample page from my new website, which will be up as soon as I finish resizing those damned JPEGs…

Click on image for Full-Size


5 thoughts on “The iPad Portfolio Era Begins…

  1. did this blog Brad. I am waiting I think for the ipad 3G version. I am thinking I can so much better make a presentation to new Clients. I can’t tell you how many times I want to show them info from my site and or testimonials, pictures, closed deals, etc and all I can do is to give them a card directing them to my site. Ipad opens a whole new world.

  2. I was excited and sent your blog to my webmaster and this is what he said:

    cool. checked out the site on my iPad and I wasn’t too impressed. It doesn’t alllow you to swipe from one pic to another or go full screen… otherwise, what’s the point of having it be “ipad optimized”?

  3. Have a look at the adobe site for open letters about the topic of Apple and Flash. Sure would be nice to have a few power hitters resist the iPad/Apple syndrome.

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