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The Muscle & Charm

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If this little photography side-business I have going ever tanks and I had to find another gig, I don’t think I could ever be a real music reviewer because I have this nasty habit of always comparing any new music I hear to music I already know. I suppose it’s only human nature to think that way…I mean, when you tell somebody about a new band you’ve found they’ll invariably ask, “Who do they sound like?”…but real reviewers should have more arrows in their quiver than that. But then I’ve never professed to be a reviewer, but just an interested bystander. That hasn’t stopped millions of indie bands and tiny labels from sending me music from their latest Next Big Thing, which is exactly where today’s song came from. Henry Pope, the bass player for the Los Angeles based Atlantic Line, dropped me an e-mail offering their new album and would I mind get the word out to my cult-like followers? But it got me thinking, how did Henry know about my little corner of the musical interweb…and then I remembered that he also played with Lemonwilde and they were one of the first bands featured on the Song of the Day after I started the blog!

So now I’m gonna lean on my crutch of comparison and try to describe what I think of Atlantic Line…

I checked out their MySpace page and seeing the “Ambient/Live Electronics” tag these guys are describing themselves as, I was expecting a totally different listening experience from what I got hit with. Ambient?!! I spent yesterday with their album ‘Exit To Intro’ on ‘repeat’ and only one of the eight tracks (the Coldplay-like ballad, ‘Ghost In Daylight’) comes close to being described as ambient, so you rock fans needn’t be scared away by the thought of any frilly, loopy synthesizers and unintelligible lyrics! If you have to pigeonhole these guys in any category, Henry’s thumping basslines, William Oraha’s wall of fuzzy psychedelic guitar riffs and Noah Alexander’s power drumming is gonna be found in the arena rock section! And then there is lead singer Ray Silva’s voice…with his wailing and pleading and shouts, you come away feeling like you’ve just experienced a sort of weird mashup of Bono, Thom Yorke and Ian McCulloch. And since I mentioned Ian McCulloch (you can just feel another comparison coming on, right?!!), the first time I heard ‘The Muscle & Charm’ I couldn’t get the similarities to Echo & the Bunnymen’s ‘Bedbugs and Ballyhoo’ outta my head! Silva sings, “Who’s from the future, I’m from the future Honey…Do ya wanna see it, Do ya wanna see it Baby?”, but I’m hearing, “Buffalo and Bison…Bison and Buffalo…Ballyhoo and bedbugs…Bedbugs and ballyhoo”…! Go on…tell me I’m wrong!!!

Now here’s the best part….the boys are offering up the entire album on their website. It’s an honor system kinda thing and you can download it for nuthin’, but don’t be a cheap ass…if it gets you going, toss ’em a few bucks to show ’em how much you appreciate real music! (And yes…I kicked in!)

And then head on over and make friends on their MySpace Page

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